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Effective Date: 14. Mai 2024

1. Scope of Application

1.1 The following terms and conditions (hereinafter "Terms and Conditions") apply between You as a user (hereinafter "You") of our app Structured (hereinafter "Structured App") and us, unorderly GmbH, Mainzer Straße 22, 12053 Berlin, Germany (hereinafter "We").

1.2 With Structured App, We have developed a software application that simplifies Your daily task and event planning and synchronizes Your entries across different terminal devices.

1.3 The Structured App is available in a free basic version and a commercial version, that is subject to charges (hereinafter "Structured Pro"). Only in Structured Pro all features of the Structured App are activated.

1.4 You agree to these Terms and Conditions, including the Agreement on Order Processing attached as Annex AVV, either by (i) making use of the Structured App in the Structured Pro version (ii) Your explicit declaration to acknowledge these Terms and Conditions as a binding contractual basis for the use of the Structured App.

1.5 We explicitly do not acknowledge Your conflicting or deviating terms and conditions unless We explicitly give a written consent to their validity.

1.6 Our terms and conditions apply to all versions of the Structured App.

2. App Functions, License

2.1 The exact scope of functions of the Structured App is described in the respective app store and on our website www.structured.app as well as the respective hardware and firmware requirements.

2.2 We provide updates to the Structured App to the extent required by law in accordance with Section 327 f of the German Civil Code (BGB); We reserve the right to make further updates at our own discretion. A stable internet connection is required to use all features of the Structured App.

2.3 We reserve the right to change the Structured App at any time in a way that is reasonable for You, e.g. to develop it further or improve its quality. This applies to technical and content-related developments.

2.4 By downloading the Structured App from the respective app store, You receive a personal, limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to install the Structured App on Your mobile devices and to use it as contractually permitted. We reserve all further rights of use. The Structured App in the basic version or in the Structured Pro version are not things within the meaning of Section 90 of the German Civil Code (BGB); therefore no ownership is transferred, but only rights of use are granted for an unlimited period of time (basic version) or for a limited period of time (Structured Pro).